overunity magnet transformer (motionless generator)

Magnets 4 Energy

open source is key to free energy.
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Fire and water: mortal enemies? Not so fast! Here are 5 ways to start a fire, using water. For more projects videos, check out http://www.thekingofrandom.com…

Magnets 4 Energy


  1. sergio santos says:

    Energy is motion, static is zero. alternating flux, moving current, fotons
    at speed of light, sound, electromagnetism, only threw motion you get
    energy otherwise just dissipating. W= F*s; W=P*t. there is lots of free
    energy the sun (light), dams (hidroelectric), wind and fotovoltaic, eddy
    currents, seebac, effect, heat and cold, to perfect and turn things
    eficient is a challenge, but there is no magic axcept the ones mentioned
    and other physical phenomenon.

  2. Shaider Riz says:

    dear friend, I have seen couple of your videos. You are doing great work
    and your findings are in the right directions. Thank you for sharing your
    experience and knowledge with youtubers. keep it up and keep it

  3. olmosm1 says:

    Something likeTom bearden’s MAG

  4. theENERGYDREAM says:

    Cool. Would you show us more detail set up diagram and how to replicate
    your experiment.

  5. Gregory Lee says:

    It does not work. Why ? Output coil generates the same counter magnetic
    field that will force your primary to increase . Just the same way any
    transformer works. But the real trick in getting real power is in
    deflecting this counter magnetic force through another path that won’t
    interfere/divert with source field. It’s like a magnetic rectifier circuit.
    It lets in source field to work it but stops any reverse force from getting
    back into it.

  6. gconol says:

    I tried similar experiment using the Flynn design and i found out that the
    back Emf of the secondary coil was preventing the flux from moving at all.
    I was frustrated and abandoned it. Your design looks promising though. I
    saw another design using similar concept and the inventor suggested that an
    air gap was necessary to help block or re-route the flux with less input

  7. dreamyear says:

    i did not measure the output… iron core in this video…is very bad
    design..i couldn’t find the component what i want…

  8. The4directions says:

    see Guru2you channel he has a design

  9. MrOllie86 says:

    and when you add resonances into the equation…… how to find the
    resonant frequency of the coils and the core/magnets is the question… ?

  10. theENERGYDREAM says:

    I think if you use nanocrystalline material core. It will work very well.
    Like Don Smith does.

  11. redcapedjoker says:

    Hey have you tried using a bi-toroid transformer? That transformer design
    bypasses Lenz’s law because it has 2 secondary coils as well as an
    alternate path for the magnetic flax to flow through. Very curious coil.
    The load on the secondary coil does not cause the amps to spike in the
    primary. Search for it on youtube :)

  12. nwa kolpo says:

    so what is the input and output during the test ?

  13. Sujoy Krishna Das says:

    You are awesome! Please check my Calculator Math Hacks! + Life Hacks!

  14. TheLostBeliever says:

    ya know i thought i was pretty smart and witty and after watching several
    videos of your videos i feel like a retard watching a genius, absolutely
    unbelievable stuff man, never would have believed you could start a fire
    with water, i understand the process but just still lolz crazy stuff

  15. BucketsAMF says:

    5 ways to start a fire with water… my ass. 1-4 were exactly the same
    method and the fire was started by the light from the Sun. Water not
    needed, only a lens. Should have been called “4 ways to create a makeshift
    lens with water to start a fire with sunlight”

  16. GundamLegacyExtreme says:

    It’s not really using water though, you’re using the water like a focusing
    lens and not the water itself, so it’s in fact 4 ways to light a fire with
    the sun using water. The 5th way is pretty much the only one using water,
    but again it’s more using sodium with water as the starter.

  17. Naiuhz says:

    How can I get blocks of sodium?

  18. Alchemer Gaming says:

    Das auto better fit an elephant.

    I know its over, just showing.

  19. PVP Jordan says:

    Poor the water in, and run away! Lol

  20. Fernando Mora Roman says:

    How does the last one work?

  21. fastchapter says:

    So essentially five magnifying glasses. 

  22. Christoffer Lindberg says:

    Im gonna try it 

  23. Eddi3Pwns says:

    Did you guys see that elephant? check near the middle of the video

  24. Orxenhorf says:

    More like playing with dangerous stuff (pure sodium) and putting your fire
    extinguisher where it couldn’t be reached if needed.

  25. DE4DM4N7 says:

    thank you so much for these. the ventures will be happy that they can make
    fire faster!!!! 

  26. xthorpyx says:

    In England we’re not allowed to make fires, it’s illegal to make your own
    solid rocket fuel and there’s no sun to light them in a cool way anyway,

  27. gabri sava says:

    I love using elephants as my phone

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